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Episode 1 - Welcome to the What The Financial Podcast! Thumbnail

Episode 1 - Welcome to the What The Financial Podcast!

Welcome to the What The Financial with Steve Lebens podcast! 

In this debut episode, meet your host Steve Lebens. As the Vice President and Director of Wealth Management at Lebens Advisory Group, Steve kicks off the series by sharing how he works with his clients to solve one key question: What’s your plan? 

Steve also helps you get to know him better by sharing a bit about who he is both in and out of the office.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Who Lebens Advisory Group serves and how they help 
  • How Steve’s interest in the financial industry began at a young age
  • What to expect from the What The Financial Podcast
  • And more!

Join Steve now and start your journey towards finding the answers to your financial questions!


Lebens Advisory Group: (612) 961-0156