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Aligned Leadership

Our Focus

We are in the business of helping leaders be their best-self versions so they can ignite employee engagement and drive productivity to produce higher bottom line profits for companies.

We help you:

  • Create a healthy and robust company culture that’s fully engaged.
  • Develop leaders with a focus on both their professional and personal well-being.
  • Align behaviors, expectations and goals through myriad assessment tools, self-awareness and coaching.
  • Share best practices from leaders, teams, and industries so that everyone can elevate and be the best version of themselves.

Signs You or Your Team Might Need Alignment

Are you a successful leader or team who:

  • Has lost some momentum and/or confidence?
  • Are experiencing burnout and worry about long-term sustainability?
  • See the company’s culture fading or gone?
  • Are experiencing more conflict either professionally or personally?
  • Are frustrated pushing for change, or keeping up with it?
  • Are you feeling unhappy about work and/or life

How We Help


We help articulate your purpose and values then help you create and achieve measurable goals.


We help you create a strategy that prioritizes you first, then your company, career, team, life, and financial well-being.


We provide you with the resources to collaborate, influence, engage, retain and track actions that move you towards desired outcomes.

"We hired Sara to coach high potential leaders on our team and she met and exceeded expectations in every aspect of the engagement. Our leaders provided positive feedback regarding her executive coaching skills as she provided them with an action plan that has helped them to improve skills in key areas. In addition, they expressed appreciation for Sara’s personal commitment to help them grow professionally. I have known Sara for many years and she has an engaging personality and genuinely cares about the quality of her work. She is a knowledgeable, enthusiastic and authentic human resources professional who is deeply committed to helping others achieve their professional goals. I highly recommend her for any organization that is looking to improve the engagement and performance of their teams."

Jim Maahs

Vice President-Marketing- Commercial Portfolio Management, Upsher-Smith Laboratories

“I engaged with Sara and Lebens Advisory Group to help my team understand how to improve our engagement and to embrace a Beginners Mindset. Sara was truly amazing in how she was able to work with individuals and our overall team to bring us closer together and to make us even more productive. In my current role, I needed help in understanding the strengths and opportunities of my new team, and how best for me to engage. Once again, Sara was amazing in helping us come together as a team and understand how we could improve our engagement model. I highly recommend Sara and her team to coach at individual and team levels. You won't be disappointed with the results.”

Jeff Bzdawka

CEO Knowland