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Aligned Wealth

Our Focus

Our focus: We are in the business of adding value to our clients on both a micro and macro level. 

On a micro level, we help families and professionals make better decisions with their life, work and wealth. You’ll quickly appreciate how much we care about your life, your family, your work, and setting you up for success as you define it.

We help you create:

  • A better financial foundation with clear goals, habits, a plan, and a way to track them.
  • Aligned behaviors, expectations, goals and solutions through richer conversations and adhering to a process.
  • A clear path to protect, preserve, grow and transition wealth.

On a macro level, we engage our company clients to design, customize and manage mindful financial benefit plans to protect a companies’ best assets, their people.

We help you create:

  • Mutually beneficial benefit packages to add the most value to both the people and the company.
  • We help you create educational standards for your workforce.
  • We help you create an environment that helps you retain your top talent that you worked so hard to recruit and engage.

Signs Your Life and Wealth Might Need Alignment 

  • You don’t have a plan, or it hasn’t changed in years.
  • Your conversations with your advisor are limited to investments and insurance.
  • Your life goals and events are no longer part of the planning process.
  • There are parts of your wealth that never get discussed.
  • You are constantly worried whether you are on track to achieve your life and financial goals.
  • You have experienced a job transition, new medical condition, divorce, death of a loved one, or other major life changes.