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Aligned Leadership Assessment and Training Tools

Executive Coaching

Choose any of the assessment tools when leadership development is your goal. Using an executive coach can help you stay focused. An executive coach can help you think strategically about where you want to go and how you want to get there. Coaching can keep you on track, stay accountable to your goals and attain your vision.

Leaders often have few people to speak freely with. The more senior the leaders, the more limited the opportunities there are for thinking out loud, exploring new ideas or reflecting on challenging situations. Having a trusted executive coach to reflect on your leadership approach, relationships, thoughts and ideas can be very beneficial.

Learning a new skill, transitioning to a new role or building your capacity? Having a plan is essential. Our assessments provide you and your executive coach with critical information about your strengths and capacities. It also shows you where you need to focus your development. With your coach, you will have an opportunity to formulate and align with a plan, identify goals and embrace change. Executive coaching helps to create the time and energy to accelerate the changes you are looking for.